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Sanctuary Cities Are Nothing Short of a Woke Nightmare

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Thomas Homan,the former director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) expressed concerns about sanctuary policies, arguing that they undermine public safety, border security, and law enforcement.

Homan refuted the “false” claims that these policies protect victims and witnesses, stating that they actually put communities at risk by releasing criminal illegal aliens.

The former official also highlighted the dangers of ICE agents having to seek out criminals in communities, leading to collateral arrests and increased risks for both law enforcement and the community. (Trending: Supreme Court Dismisses Case To Keep Trump Off Ballot)

Homan clarified that “Unless the police arrest and book a victim or a witness, ICE would never know of his or her existence.”

Further explaining, “If victims and witnesses are afraid to report a crime, it is because of the false stories pushed to the public by open border groups, nongovernmental organizations, and politicians who want to vilify and mischaracterize ICE.”

Homan attacked the narrative that sanctuary cities protect migrant communities stating, “I have seen in my several-decade career that when a criminal illegal alien is released from jail, he will most likely re-offend in the same community where he lives—the migrant community.”

Homan also claimed that this “forces” ICE agents to pursue criminals in their neighborhoods and places of employment, “instead of arresting the bad guy in the safety and security of a jail,

The director emphasized the importance of giving ICE access to jails to talk to individuals with probable cause for being in the country illegally and locked up for committing crimes.

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