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Rep. Jamie Raskin Delivers Ominous Prediction For Donald Trump

via YouTube

Rep. Jamie Raskin warned of the potential for a second Trump presidency to resemble authoritarian leaders like Putin, Orbán, and Xi, with a disregard for democracy, rights, and the rule of law.

He highlighted the refusal to accept election outcomes and the embrace of political violence as concerning hallmarks of an authoritarian party.

Raskin cautioned that the U.S. is heading towards a different form of government, aligning with right-wing authoritarian regimes.

“It would look a lot like Viktor Orbán in Hungary ― ‘illiberal democracy,’ meaning democracy without rights or liberties or respect for the due process, the system, the rule of law,” the Democratic congressman told MSNBC’s Jen Psaki.

“In fact, there’s not much democracy left to it because their position is they don’t accept the integrity of any election where they lose,” Raskin continued.

“That is the hallmark of an authoritarian party.”

“They don’t accept elections that don’t go their ways,” he said.

“They refuse to disavow political violence. They embrace political violence as an instrument for obtaining power and then everything flows from the will of a charismatic politician, and that is Donald Trump in their book.”

Raskin warned “we are clearly headed into a completely different form of government than any of us would recognize as continuous with the past. Right-wing authoritarian government in league with [Russia’s] Putin, [China’s] Xi, [Hungary’s] Orbán, [Brazil’s] Bolsonaro, you name it.”

It emphasized the parallels between Trump and authoritarian leaders and the potential implications for the future of American governance.

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