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Geraldo Rivera Predicts Trump ‘Will Be Cruel’ With ‘Draconian’ Immigration Plan

via ABC

Geraldo Rivera expressed his belief that Donald Trump is serious about implementing an extreme immigration crackdown if he wins a potential second term.

He highlighted Trump’s simplistic and brutal approach to the issue, emphasizing that Trump’s friend, Stephen Miller, taking a leading role signals a harsh immigration policy.

Rivera criticized Trump’s stance, stating that the crackdown would be draconian and ultimately backfire, appealing only to a disappointing base.

“I believe he is serious. I believe that in his mind, he sees a very simplistic answer to this problem. You know, brutality,” the former Fox News host said.

“Putting Stephen Miller in charge is the signal. He’s put Dr. Evil in charge of his immigration policy,” said Rivera, a Trump friend-turned-critic.

“He will be cruel, he doesn’t care,” he said.

“And the sad thing is it will appeal to his base in ways that I think will be very disappointing to those of us who want a pluralistic, inclusive society.”

“You will see the camps, and the crackdown will be so draconian, that it will ultimately, I believe, rebound against Trump, and work against him,” he said.

Additionally, Rivera previously condemned Trump’s comments about undocumented immigrants as vile and racist, drawing parallels to Nazi rhetoric.

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