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China Freaked: The Navy Surfaced 3 Missile Submarines Simultaneously As A Warning

via CBS
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In the years since 2010, significant global events have unfolded, including the coronavirus pandemic, economic collapse, populist uprisings, and geopolitical shifts.

The rise of China as a potential great-power rival has become evident, particularly in the maritime realm, with substantial naval force expansion.

The U.S. has responded, but China’s naval capabilities have continued to grow. (Trending: Supreme Court Dismisses Case To Keep Trump Off Ballot)

John Mearscheimer wrote “China is the key to understanding the future distribution of power in Northeast Asia.”

Adding, “because of the vast size of China’s population, it has the potential to become much wealthier than Japan, and even wealthier than the United States.”

Mearscheimer demonstrates China’s potential with a comparison to Japan.

“To illustrate China’s potential, consider the following scenarios. Japan’s per capita GNP is now more than 40 times greater than China’s…If China’s per capita GNP grew to be just half of Japan’s present per capita GNP, China would have a GNP of $20.04 trillion, which would make China almost five times as wealthy as Japan” wrote Meascheimer.

U.S. Ohio-class submarine USS Kentucky (SSBN-737) was sent to South Korea to put an end to a nearly 40-year-gap between visits.

Chinese and North Korean officials are undoubtedly sweating, as the submarine arrived in response to North Korea’s testing of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

The visit was not initially revealed.

North Korea denounced discussions about nuclear weapons and criticized military exercises involving the US, South Korea, and Japan.

The USS Kentucky is an Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine, part of the US nuclear deterrent. (Trending: Donald Trump Gets Great News)

Three Ohio-class submarines surfaced simultaneously in the Indo-Pacific as a warning.

Some Ohio-class submarines were converted to carry non-nuclear munitions. China “freaked” at the sight of them.

With North Korea growing increasingly hostile, it’s likely it won’t be another 13 years before other submarines arrive in their backyard.

The text emphasizes the importance of understanding China’s potential and ambition, particularly in comparison to the United States.

Mearscheimer wrote, “Another way of illustrating how powerful China might become if its economy continues growing rapidly is to compare it with the United States.”

“The GNP of the United States is $7.9 trillion (in 2001) … If China’s per capita GNP equals Korea’s, China’s overall GNP would be almost $10.66 trillion, which is about 1.35 times the size of America’s GNP”, warned the researcher.

It highlights the need for the Biden administration to maintain focus on China and the Pacific, given China’s significant hegemonic potential.

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