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Joe Biden Is Bringing Chaos to America

via 60 Minutes
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Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin discussed various issues such as foreign policy, economic challenges, and upcoming elections with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, strongly condemning President Biden’s leadership.

Youngkin highlighted the impact of Bidenomics on families and emphasized the importance of tax relief.

“Families are living paycheck to paycheck. For the average person in Virginia and in the rest of America, they are spending $700 extra for those filing jointly because it’s their money, not the government’s. We are doing everything we can to keep tax rates down and to provide Virginians with a chance to make ends meet in this Biden economy,” Youngkin pressed.

The Governor sees the upcoming Virginia elections as a referendum on Biden’s policies, and is focused on mobilizing Republican voters.

“Our elections are on a knife’s edge,” he added.

“We can hold our House and flip our Senate, but every one of our key races is tight, and we are doing everything down the stretch to get the vote out. The winner of elections is the one that gets the most votes, and it’s the people that show up. So we are pushing hard to get the Republicans off the sidelines.

“That’s why we pushed our early voting program so hard early on, and that’s why we are telling people to go to Make a plan to vote early. We plan to get the vote out. In fact, this Saturday everyone of our precincts will be open early. We’ve got to get the vote out.”

Additionally, he pointed to job growth and the potential for Virginia to serve as a model for Republican success.

“A state that was lost can be found, and commonsense conservatism can win,” Youngkin pressed.

“We just set a job growth record with 230,000 more Virginians working in just 22 months of work. When we came in we were near the bottom. Now we’re near the top in job growth. We have the largest workforce in the history of Virginia, and that’s why we are getting people out to vote.”

“We’ve got great answers for job growth, empowering parents, backing the blue, making government work for people instead of telling them what to do all of the time, and all the other side has is to sell fear.”

The discussion also touched on potential changes in abortion policies, and the significance of education as a key election issue.

“If Republicans control both chambers of the legislature and the governor’s office, you can expect significant restrictions on abortion in Virginia,” said University of Mary Washington professor Stephen Farnsworth.

“Education is one of those issues where both the Democratic and the Republican activists are very energized,” Farnsworth added.

“If there was a unified Republican majority in Richmond, there would be greater pressure levied against more liberal school districts to toe the standards established in Richmond.”

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