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Expert Explains Delay in Matthew Perry’s Toxicology Report

via ABC News
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Matthew Perry’s death, which occurred on October 28, is still under investigation. Initial tests have shown no presence of fentanyl or meth in the “Friends” star’s system.

The release of toxicology results is pending, and there is currently speculation surrounding a potential unknown drug.

“They’ve got pretty much 99% of what they’re going to get at this point as far as information goes, and they can release it now, or they can wait for a couple more weeks because they’re looking for some unknown drug,” former chief medical examiner of New York City Dr. Michael Baden said. (Trending: Donald Trump Gets Great News)

“They might be doing microscopic slides, but it’s now about almost two weeks, so the toxicology should be finished,” Baden added.

“I imagine what they’re doing right now is discussing the findings with the prosecutor and the family, and that in good time it will be when they should release the findings.”

“Often when there is a great interest in a death, there’s delay to do a more extensive toxicology than normal,” he previously stated.

The LAPD Robbery-Homicide Division is now involved, and there are questions about the possible involvement of a third party.

“All things being equal, any body camera footage, 911 calls, etc., would be deemed public records subject to release. The police could possibly seek to redact the video/audio,” Defense attorney David Gelman said.

He continued, “Anything short of full release, however, would require law enforcement officials to articulate a reason why they are redacting or denying release.”

“By definition, these are publicly maintained records. Police would have to point to some exception to the general notion of release.”

“They might be doing microscopic slides, but it’s now about almost two weeks, so the toxicology should be finished.”

“If it’s a drug overdose, they oftentimes – that itself will delay it,” he added. “They’re making a decision, and it doesn’t sound that there’s any reason the prosecutors should be involved with this. There’s no foul play unless it’s an illegal drug, and they’re trying to find out, you know, how he got the drug.”

“If there are illegal drugs, the police would be involved … how he got illegal drugs.”

“Insofar as this has been sent to the RHD, it raises the specter that they are investigating possible foul play or the involvement of some other party.”

“We don’t know this at this point. But the fact that they are hanging their hat on that fact suggests they don’t have something else to hang it on.”

Perry had been open about his sobriety journey and had been reported as sober by a friend prior to his death.

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