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Ex-GOP Strategist Slams Vivek Ramaswamy For ‘Worst Moment’ Of Republican Debate

via NBC News

Former top Republican strategist Stuart Stevens has criticized Vivek Ramaswamy’s recent performance in a GOP primary debate, calling it one of the worst moments he has witnessed.

Ramaswamy made controversial remarks about Ukraine, suggesting the US should not provide foreign aid and referred to the country’s president as a “Nazi,” despite President Zelenskyy being Jewish.

Stevens expressed his disappointment, and called for Ramaswamy to drop out of the race, stating that the party should censor him for hate speech.

“There’s been some really bad moments before with really ridiculous people,” Stevens said.

“But that was disgraceful. He should drop out of that race. The party should censor him. He should not be on stage, being able to give him a platform for hate speech.”

Despite initial rise in poll numbers, Ramaswamy’s support has dropped to 5%, placing him fourth in national polls.

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