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Border Crisis Is Getting Even Worse

via ABC News
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The Biden administration’s open-borders policy have led to a significant increase in illegal migrants entering the U.S., raising concerns about potential infiltration by terrorist groups such as Hamas and Iranian-linked organizations.

The U.S. Border Patrol has apprehended individuals from Lebanon and China, suggesting that sleeper agents and saboteurs could potentially be entering the country.

“There are a lot of people entering our southern border right now,” DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson said.

“Thousands and thousands. It’s a hemispheric move north bigger than anything we’ve ever seen. And the challenge for , for our DHS, the FBI, is to try to keep up.”

“Unfortunately, as you know, the system is broken, it’s horribly backlogged, and there’s a whole lot of people entering this country who we cannot identify.”

Additionally, Border Patrol has seen a major increase in the number of people from countries other than Latin America attempting to cross the southern border.

The administration’s handling of the border has faced criticism from both Democrats and Republicans, with concerns about the rise in encounters with authorities and apprehensions of individuals on the FBI’s terrorist watchlist.

“So what they do is they get on a flight, and they fly into some South American country. Then from there, they would go to Colombia, they would go across the jungle, pop out in Panama, and then they would head up to the United States. But this is going to be for people that can’t fly into the U.S. directly. … You’d rather just fly into the U.S. and overstay your visa. This is for people that don’t have that access for whatever reason,” founder Anthony Rubin said.

“President Joe Biden’s administration has repeatedly faced scrutiny from both sides of the aisle over its handling of the southern border, with Democrats most recently condemning DHS plans to move forward with additional border wall construction. According to CBP figures, as of August, more than 2.2 million migrants have had encounters with authorities along the U.S.-Mexico in the 2023 fiscal year, an increase from 2.1 million a year ago,” Newsweek’s Kaitlan Lewis stated.

“There has also been a rise in recent years in the number of people apprehended on the FBI’s terrorist watchlist, with border patrol agents apprehending 151 migrants along the southern border in the fiscal year 2023 who match the FBI’s screening system, according to the CBP. In fiscal year 2022, 98 people on the watchlist were apprehended after entering from Mexico.”

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