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Bill Maher To Trump Haters: ‘You’re the One with the Tiki Torches!’

via Real Time with Bill Maher on Youtube
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A number of prominent leftists have expressed their surprise regarding the rise of anti-Semitism, particularly on college campuses and within the Democratic party.

Bill Maher expressed shock at the behavior of his own party, highlighting the shift in attitudes towards Israel and the Jewish community.

“I must admit — I don’t think of myself as a naive person and I’ve been surprised,” Maher said. (Trending: Donald Trump Gets Great News)

“It was like a volcano that blew — I mean just that people in the United States that are ‘F— Israel!’ you know, ‘Any means necessary!’

“I don’t know where this comes from,” Maher added.

“I guess it’s ancient, obviously, the hatred of the Jews goes way back… but… I was taken aback by this.”

“Why this one place?” Maher continued.

“Why does this arouse… especially among young people?” he pressed.

“I mean, young people hated Trump because he wouldn’t condemn the people with the tiki torches. Talking about Jews…”

“You’re the one with the tiki torches now!” Maher said.

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