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Biden Administration Asks IDF to Use ‘Smaller Bombs’ Against Hamas

via CBS News

The Biden administration has attempted to urge Israel to use “smaller bombs” in their attack on Hamas terrorists in Gaza in order to minimize civilian casualties.

The conflict, which began when Hamas launched rockets into Israel, has resulted in a number of civilian casualties.

“U.S. officials said they have privately outlined several steps to Israel to reduce civilian casualties in its military campaign in the Gaza Strip, including using smaller bombs, when going after Hamas leaders and infrastructure,” the Times wrote. (Trending: Donald Trump Gets Great News)

“American military officials say that the smaller bombs are much better suited to the dense urban environments of Gaza,” they added.

“But Israel has over the years built up stocks of larger bombs, intended mostly to target hardened Hezbollah military positions in Lebanon.”

“U.S. officials told the Israelis that they could reduce civilian casualties if they improved how they targeted Hamas leaders, gathered more intelligence on Hamas command and control networks before launching strikes, used smaller bombs to collapse the tunnel network and employed their ground forces to separate civilian population centers from where the militants are concentrated.”

Secretary of State Blinken has also urged Israel to minimize civilian deaths, and to agree to pauses in the fighting for the sake of humanitarian aid.

The administration’s approach has been criticized by many, with concerns that the move would likely prolong the war.

“Oh, what humanity warmongers can display at times. Just kill those civilians with more, smaller bombs,” one X user sarcastically said.

Another user labeled the use of “smaller bombs” as “more compassionate bombing.”

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