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Major City Sued Over Taxpayer-Funded Effort to Bypass Abortion Law

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Pro-life groups in San Antonio, Texas, have filed a lawsuit to stop the city from using taxpayer money to fund abortions in violation of state law.

The city had allocated $500,000 to a “reproductive justice fund” that would support organizations providing travel costs for out-of-state abortions.

The pro-life coalition argues that it is illegal to engage in conduct in Texas that facilitates out-of-state abortions. (Trending: Obama’s Ignorant Remarks On Israel)

“The organizations that lobbied for this budgetary provision and hope to obtain this taxpayer money include Jane’s Due Process, Avow, the Buckle Bunnies Fund, Sueños Sin Fronteras, and the Lilith Fund for Reproductive Equity,” the lawsuit noted.

“Many of these organizations facilitate or subsidize out-of-state abortions performed on Texas residents. The Buckle Bunnies Fund also aids or abets illegal self-managed abortions in Texas.”

While the city has not specified how the money will be used, some council members expressed support for funding travel costs for abortions outside the state.

The Texas Tribune revealed that San Antonio “has not yet said how that money will be spent; during City Council hearings, advocates talked mostly about using it to support health education, access to emergency contraception and testing for sexually transmitted diseases.”

“But some City Council members said they would like to see the money used to support nonprofit groups that help Texans travel to other states to get abortions,” the outlet stated.

“It is a criminal offense to donate money to abortion funds that procure out-of-state abortions for Texas residents,” said Michael Knuffke, president of the San Antonio Family Association.

“We will expose the criminal activities of these organizations and put an end to their violent and murderous acts. Anyone involved with these abortion-trafficking organizations, including their donors, will be prosecuted under state law and sued under the Texas Heartbeat Act.”

“The women and families of San Antonio who are facing a crisis pregnancy, and local taxpayers trying to make ends meet do not deserve to be victims of city officials,” added Patrick Von Dohlen, a board member of the group.

“A city that gives taxpayer money to abortion funds will be sued, and any abortion fund that tries to obtain taxpayer money will be subpoenaed and have its activities exposed.”

The lawsuit ultimately aims to prevent the fund from being used for this purpose.

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