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DOJ Officials Were Spying on Congressional Staffers

via FOX
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Rep. Jim Jordan, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, revealed that Department of Justice officials were found to have spied on congressional staffers during the Trump-Russia collusion investigation.

The committee discovered that the Justice Department had spied on Jason Foster, an aide to Sen. Chuck Grassley. (Trending: Meet The Ultra Rich Megadonors Behind Democrats)

Jordan emphasized the need to determine the extent of the spying, including whether it extended to members of Congress and other staffers.

“We now know that they spied on congressional staffers. We want to know, how far does it go? Were they spying on members? Were they spying on other staffers? Never forget, Liz, we know they spied on President Trump’s campaign. We know all that from the FISA court and what they did with Carter Page and Papadopoulos, everything else,” Jordan said.

“Now we have learned that they spied on one of Senator Grassley’s staff members, Jason Foster. We want to know, does it go further? So we have sent letters not only to the Department of Justice, but to all these carriers that the Department of Justice worked with, to get the phone records, the e-mail records from congressional staffers like Mr. Foster.”

“How far does this go? Were they spying on members? Were they spying on other staff? We want to know, and that’s why we’re taking it — because, again, the chilling effect this has — remember, we have a constitutional duty to do oversight of the executive branch.”

He expressed concerns about the chilling effect this could have on oversight and the separation of powers.

The committee has sent letters to the Department of Justice and various carriers, requesting phone and email records.

The investigation is part of the broader context of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation into Trump-Russia ties.

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