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Conservative Students Testify Before Congress On Leftist Harassment

via Young America's Foundation on Youtube
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Conservative and Jewish college students alike have testified before Congress about being silenced and even threatened on campuses around the country.

The House Judiciary Committee hearing focused on free speech and anti-Semitism, featuring current and former students, including members of the conservative group Young Americans for Freedom (YAF).

The students described being harassed and disrupted during events, emphasizing the vastly unequal treatment of conservative viewpoints. (Trending: Meet The Ultra Rich Megadonors Behind Democrats)

Incidents included doxxing, false labeling, event cancellations, physical attacks, and general lack of support from university administrations.

“The first time I noticed this was when Iowa YAF hosted Kellyanne Conway as a speaker. In response, I was doxxed in a group chat of over 800 students and was falsely labeled as a Nazi, a token, a white supremacist, and a bigot,” said University of Iowa student Jasmyn Jordan, who is black.

“Some individuals even expressed that I made them uncomfortable and feared that I might commit a hate crime against them simply because I’m Black and hold conservative principles. These students believe that if you are conservative, you are hateful, support oppression, and only want to benefit straight White men even though such beliefs are untrue.”

“Despite repeatedly meeting with the university administration, the rules are continually permitted to be broken by Left-leaning students,” Jordan added.

“They are in fact coddled by our school. The university expresses affirmations and puts together support, solidarity, and celebration spaces.”

“Regardless of what side of the political aisle you reside on, it should be common ground that no student deserves to be threatened, mistreated or silenced on campus due to their personal beliefs,” said University of Buffalo graduate Connor Ogrydziak.

“Conservative students currently face a relentless uphill battle for representation on campus.”

Ogrydziak also told the Judiciary Committee that YAF members were chased across campus and one board member was physically attacked after the group hosted former Republican Congressman Lt. Col. Allen West.

“With silence from the university and charges not pressed by the Erie County District Attorney’s office, I’ve since been left to consider the precedent this sets for those who plan to protest future events on campus,” Ogrydziak said of an incident in which YAF students were pursued on campus, with one member being physically harmed.

“… If those were who were involved in this mob were able to result to fear tactics and violence without consequence, what is keeping a pattern of this despicable behavior from being set and executed repeatedly?”

The students highlighted the need for fair treatment and protection of diverse perspectives on college campuses.

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