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CNN Pundit: ‘I Worry About Biden, Black Voters’

via CNN
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Former Obama adviser and CNN Political Commentator Van Jones expressed concern about the level of enthusiasm among black voters for President Joe Biden.

He highlighted that despite the dislike for former President Donald Trump, some black voters are feeling disillusioned because they believe that their issues have not been taken seriously.

Jones mentioned the lack of progress on police reform, criminal justice reform, and voting rights, which were important to black voters. (Trending: Meet The Ultra Rich Megadonors Behind Democrats)

“There’s no word big enough for the amount of concern, because people, it is hurt. It’s remarkable.”

“I think, when you remember 2008, the hope, in, 2016, determination, 2020 — 2016, people kind of took their foot off the gas with Hillary Clinton,” Jones stated.

He also noted that economic concerns, such as rising gas prices, are impacting their decision-making.

“I think that — police reform, nothing, criminal justice reform, nothing, voting rights, nothing. The things that black people came out and voted for and voted about, George Floyd, the John Lewis civil rights, nothing has gotten done on the black card. And so, it’s starting to feel like, wow, the economy isn’t that good and our issues didn’t get taken seriously and what are we supposed to do?”

Jones emphasized that black voters are not solely single-issue voters and that there is a growing sentiment of frustration regarding the lack of tangible change.

“And I also think that people think black people are going to be single-issue voters, we don’t like Donald Trump. I don’t think that’s smart. There might be some black single-issue anti-Trump voters, but you’ve also got people who are having a problem filling up their gas tank and they’ve got other stuff that they’re concerned about,” he went on.

“There [are] other people who feel like, man, what do we have to do? We stand in these long lines for hours and hours and hours. We’re getting gerrymandered. We have to fight so hard just to vote.”

“And then, the neighborhood’s not any better and then affirmative action gets taken away and then the voting rights [are] worse and the gerrymandering is worse and nothing is happening,” he concluded.

Jones did, however, acknowledged that opinions may evolve as the campaign progresses.

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