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Biden Losing Muslim Vote for Supporting Israel


Progressive Rep. Pramila Jayapal has expressed concern that President Biden’s unwavering support for Israel in its conflict with Hamas may cost him Arab and Muslim votes in the upcoming election.

Jayapal believes that Americans support Israel’s right to defend itself but not at the expense of war crimes.

She urges President Biden to handle the situation carefully and call for a higher moral stance. (Trending: Meet The Ultra Rich Megadonors Behind Democrats)

Arab Americans are upset with the Biden administration’s failure to condemn the Israeli government’s actions, and some officials and organizations are calling for a ceasefire.

“I have been one of President Biden’s biggest supporters. I have been proud to be a partner as he has been courageous and strong on the domestic front,” Jayapal said.

“I think that the president needs to be just as courageous on this issue so that we keep the unity within our country,” she added.

“They [Americans] support the right for Israel to defend itself, to exist. But they do not support a war crime exchange for another war crime. And I think the president needs to be careful about that.”

“I am certainly concerned about his approach to this,” she noted, adding that President Biden will need to “call us to a higher moral place.”

The Biden administration has stated that it will not support a ceasefire until Hamas releases all its hostages.

Abdullah Hammoud, mayor of Dearborn, Michigan, which has a large population of Arabs and Muslims, said, “Nothing could have prepared us for the complete erasure of our voices and radio silence from those whom we elected to protect and represent us.”

“Our family members trapped in Gaza have been ignored, our calls for a ceasefire drowned out by the drums of war and racist media coverage that dismisses the massacre of entire Palestinian families as collateral damage,” he added.

Mr. Hammoud urged all federal and statewide officials in Michigan to call for a ceasefire to save lives and demand justice for the Palestinian people in Gaza.

President Biden’s response to the conflict has been criticized by hard-left progressive lawmakers, while Arab Americans feel he has sided too closely with Israel.

The conflict has led to a humanitarian crisis and has negatively impacted Arab American voters’ support for President Biden.

Additionally, concerns about discrimination and hate crimes have risen among Arab Americans.

The decline in Muslim support may influence President Biden’s prospects in the 2024 election, particularly in states with a significant Muslim population.

However, it is believed that many Americans have not yet realized that a Biden-Trump rematch is likely in 2024, and some voters may still support Biden when faced with an alternative of Trump.

“They’re just coming around to the idea that he is going to be the guy, and they think he’s too old,” Sarah Longwell, host of The Focus Group podcast stated.

“That said, you ask them, head-to-head with Trump—it’s not close. They’ll vote for Biden.”

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