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Target CEO Accused of Dishonesty Over Pride Merchandise

via CNBC
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Consumers’ Research executive director Will Hild slammed Target CEO Brian Cornell for making false statements about the retailer’s LGBTQ Pride merchandise.

The criticism stemmed from claims that the retail giant targeted children with transgender ideology products, and worked with a designer who espoused Satanic beliefs.

“He just flat out lies about what Target did,” Hild pressed. (Trending: Is It Time For Joe Biden To Drop Out Of 2024?)

“He says that they didn’t target children with transgender ideology products, and he says that they didn’t work with the devil worshiper. Both of those things are verifiable facts,” he added.

“They’ve been reported by a number of different publications, and there’s just no question that this was done. He’s flat out lying to his customers.”

The controversy surrounded Pride merchandise, including swimsuits with “tuck-friendly construction” and other items, which led to backlash and adjustments in-store.

“One additional claim he made is that children were not targeted with these so-called ‘tuck’ bathing suits that were being sold. And that’s just not true. They were placed in and among products made for children next to them into the display. If that’s not targeting children – if you’re putting literally the product next to child’s products – I don’t know what targeting is,” Hild said. (Trending: Obama’s Sick Move Against Israel)

Cornell simply deflected blame onto customers in response to the backlash, with critics arguing that the retailer made its stores unsafe for children.

“What we saw coming out of Target CEO Cornell in this interview is a common tactic that companies that get in trouble for going woke use, where they try to put their employees safety or some concerns about their employees well-being in front of their mistake,” Hild said.

“They focus on that instead of what they’ve done to offend their consumer. And consumers should really see this as another finger in their eye,” he went on.

“This guy is trying to pretend like the customer is the real problem here and not the fact that they were trying to push a far-left radical gender ideology on the children or in their store.”

“He is the one who made Target stores unsafe for children, for the children of his customers, for children of his employees,” Hild said. “And yet he wants to deflect and put the blame back on his own customer base. He’s basically blaming you, the customer, for his mistakes.”

“He talks about how customers are past this. The backlash is over. This is fantastical thinking,” Hild said. “Consumers remember what Target did to target children.”

Hild also revealed Target’s partnership with GLSEN, a K-12 education group focusing on gender ideology in schools.

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