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Seven Police Officers On Leave Over Leak Of Nashville Shooter’s Manifesto

via Law&Crime Network on Youtube
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The leaked three-page manifesto from transgender Nashville shooter, Audrey Hale, has stirred controversy.

The manifesto indicates that Hale, a transgender individual, was motivated by Critical Race Theory and targeted individuals described as “crackers” with “white privileges.”

Seven Nashville police officers have been placed on administrative assignment due to the unauthorized release of the writings. (Trending: Federal Court Rules Against Gun Owners)

Conservative figures like Steven Crowder and James Woods have criticized Big Tech’s censorship and the government’s mishandling of information.

“The Nashville Chief of Police, John Drake, confirmed that the pages are authentic in a statement: ‘I am greatly disturbed by today’s unauthorized release of three pages of writings from the Covenant shooter’,” X Community Notes showed.

“Steven Crowder has done Americans a service,” actor James Woods stated.

“Not just because he has published the Nashville killer’s manifesto of anti-white racist hate, but more importantly has exposed the stranglehold that Google (surprise, surprise) has on the truth.”

“YouTube’s censorship of conservative voices has now rendered it as worthless as FaceBook. Oh, and of course, one does wonder why our own government hides information from us as well, all based on politics naturally.”

Additionally, conservative commentator Jack Posobiec pointed out that Hale mentioned recording a video before the killings, questioning what else the government might be hiding.

“Audrey Hale wrote in her antiwhite manifesto that she recorded a video before the killings,” Posobiec remarked. “The FBI has never even mentioned anything about this Release the video.”

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