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Joe Biden Keeps Helping America’s Enemies

via Donald J Trump on Youtube

Former President Donald Trump criticized President Joe Biden at the Florida Freedom Summit, accusing him of taking positions that benefit America’s enemies.

Trump specifically mentioned instituting a travel ban to keep terrorists out and implementing strong ideological screenings for immigrants.

He emphasized that America had no issues with terror attacks during his term because enemies knew they wouldn’t be allowed in.

Trump further claimed that Biden’s policies on border, energy, immigration, and education always favor America’s enemies, calling Biden corrupt, incompetent, and compromised.

“On day one, I will restore the Trump travel ban on entering from having people that like to blow up our shopping centers and kill our people and do lots of bad things,” the former president said.

“Entry from terror-plagued countries, we will not allow people to come in, and we will implement strong ideological screenings for all immigrants. We did that and it was unbelievably successful.”

“If you hate America, if you want to abolish Israel, if you sympathize with jihadists, and then you don’t want your country to do well, you don’t want your country to be successful … you’re just not going to get in,” he said.

“On every policy, from border to energy to immigration to education, crooked Joe Biden always takes the side that helps America’s enemies – every time,” said Trump.

“The guy doesn’t have a clue. He helps the enemies. And now we know why, because Joe Biden is corrupt and he’s incompetent and he’s totally compromised.”

The audience responded with applause.

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