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Joe Biden Is A Complete Failure

via The Wall Street Journal

Rep. Ryan Zinke has introduced the Safeguarding Americans from Extremism (SAFE) Act, which aims to prevent Palestinians from entering the United States.

Zinke expressed his lack of confidence in the Biden Administration’s ability to vet migrants and foreign nationals, citing their handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal and the situation at the southern border.

“This is the harshest immigration bill, targeted not so much at Gaza, but on this administration’s incompetency to vet anybody,” Zinke stated.

“I have zero confidence in this administration. They didn’t vet leaving out of Afghanistan. They certainly don’t vet at our southern border, and we know in Gaza, there are known terrorists in there, and there is no vetting. So this is the harshest bill, all stop; anyone with a Palestinian Authority passport, you’re out of here.”

“Israel’s on fire right here, and they’re they’re going to be hit probably on both sides, and we too are vulnerable, and we got to step up the plate and say, look, from this region right now, all stop,” he added.

He emphasized the need for stronger vetting measures due to the presence of known terrorists in Gaza.

Zinke also discussed concerns about potential Hezbollah connections among Lebanese foreign nationals and the possibility of sleeper cells already existing across the United States.

“We all should be concerned,” Zinke cautioned. “Look, there are hundreds of people on the terrorist watchlist that we found; who knows how many we haven’t, and their sympathizers. We see it in the halls of Congress.”

“I have nothing against the Palestinian people; I really don’t. To me, innocent are innocent, and I follow the book of Matthew, but I can tell you what, in this case, Israel’s on fire, and we don’t have any vetting because this administration is not capable of vetting and they have shown that they do not vet.”

“The House passed the Homeland Security bill. The House did, so the Senate has yet to act. But you’re right, and Chip Roy… had a lot to do with this bill, [House Resolution] 2, and we need to stop the border,” Zinke said. “You look at the problems in our country, you look at Ukraine – although we’re spending $130 billion and don’t have any objectives – people don’t see it every day, and they don’t see the Pacific with the rise of China and the threat on Taiwan, but I can tell you, every city across America sees the border.”

“We got drug trafficking, child trafficking, fentanyl, it’s on our streets. Whether you’re in Billings, Montana, or you’re in the city of Minneapolis, you see the border up front,” Zinke added.

He highlighted the importance of securing the border and described it as the country’s number one current issue.

“This bill – back to Gaza and… stopping immigration, stopping people with passports, stopping people that are possibly hostile to this country – in this battle, we need to take control of it, and we need to go to all stop, and we do need to defend the border. And look, I think the border is the number one issue facing this country, and we don’t have any vetting on who’s here and who’s not, and we need to attend to our business here.”

Zinke praised House Speaker Mike Johnson for his firm yet kind approach, and their shared commitment to Israel and border security.

“If I could describe the Speaker in one word – a lot of people are framed as a thoughtful, conservative, constitutional attorney and he is – I would say kind. I think kind in this period of history is undervalued, and don’t confuse kind with not being firm,” Zinke said. “He’s firm, believe me, he’s firm, but he’s also kind, and, in this hyper-partisan world of hatred on almost every issue, maybe taking a step back in being kind, I think, is a good approach. He is staunchly pro-Israel as I am on this, and he’s staunchly secure the border as I am as well. And a new sheriff’s in town. He’s got a good team; everyone’s supporting him.”

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