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Illegal Alien Accused Of Heinous Crime Freed By Sanctuary County

via FOX 11 Los Angeles
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Fairfax County, Virginia has released an illegal alien accused of raping a child, despite ICE’s request for custody.

The alien had been initially released into the US by the Department of Homeland Security and had a history of criminal activities.

When ICE issued a detainer, Fairfax County officials ignored it due to their “sanctuary” policy. (Trending: Is It Time For Joe Biden To Drop Out Of 2024?)

The alien was eventually arrested by ICE and remains in custody pending deportation.

“This undocumented noncitizen allegedly committed unspeakable acts against a child,” ICE official Erik Weiss stated.

“He has no legal basis to remain in the United States, and he poses a threat to the residents of his community. ERO Washington, D.C. will continue our efforts to apprehend criminals who are released back in the local population when a detainer is not honored. We will remove such threats from our communities.”

Fairfax County has a sanctuary policy since 2018, and Virginia is home to five sanctuary jurisdictions and over 450,000 illegal aliens.

Joe Biden has set a new presidential record by allowing a staggering total of 2,475,669 encounters with illegal immigrants in the fiscal year of 2023.

In September, the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol reported the highest number of monthly illegal migrant encounters ever recorded at the southern border.

There are over 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. This population would rank among the top U.S. states in terms of population.

A total of 269,735 encounters were documented, surpassing the numbers from August and July. (Trending: CNN Poll Is Bad News For Biden)

In response to these high rates, CBP has increased resources and personnel and is working with domestic and foreign partners to address the migration situation.

“In response to high rates of encounters across the southwest border in September, CBP surged resources and personnel,” CBP official Troy Miller said.

“We are continually engaging with domestic and foreign partners to address historic hemispheric migration, including large migrant groups traveling on freight trains, and to enforce consequences including by preparing for direct repatriations to Venezuela.”

They are also preparing for direct repatriations to Venezuela.

The US immigration system has been fundamentally broken under Joe Biden as the country experiences a historic and unprecedented crisis. (Poll: Is America Better Off Under Biden? VOTE)

In 2022 alone, the US encountered the highest number ever recorded of illegal immigrants at the US southern border. This represents a 200% increase from former President Donald Trump’s last year in office in 2020.

Under Trump, Americans saw the lowest rate of illegal immigration in over 40 years.

Under Biden, we have seen the highest rate of illegal immigration over 60 years.

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