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GOP Pushes To Axe Funding For Kamala Harris’ Office

via PBS NewsHour
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House Republicans are pushing to defund various Biden administration offices through amendments to a government funding bill.

The bill covers funding for the Treasury, executive office of the president, and other areas, serving as a platform for GOP policy points.

Specific amendments target Vice President Kamala Harris’ office, the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention, IRS Commissioner’s salary, and Offices of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility. (Trending: Is It Time For Joe Biden To Drop Out Of 2024?)

Additionally, the bill aims to stop funding for the Treasury’s Climate Hub.

However, these initiatives will face heavy opposition in the Democrat-controlled Senate, with the White House already issuing veto threats.

The total collapse of Kamala Harris’ popularity has been a spectacle within U.S. politics.

In the words of political commentator Megyn Kelly, Harris is “not that smart” and struggles to “put two sentences together.”

“Forgive me,” Kelly said. “I’m still one of those people who gets wooed by titles like, ‘She was the attorney general in state of California.’ You know, how dumb could she be? Like, dumb.”

“The answer is very, very dumb,” Kelly added.

Harris has set the all-time record as the most unpopular vice president in U.S. history. She achieved a rating with 49% of Americans holding a negative view of her job in office, according to NBC.

NBC reported this is “the lowest for any vice president in the poll’s history.” A CBS poll found that 59% of Americans disapprove of Harris in varying degrees.

Only 18% say that Harris makes them think better of the Biden Administration.

This is a major blow as an increasing number of Democrats are beginning to realize the tragic fact that Harris is a major liability.

Despite these tragic poll results, Harris isn’t shying away from the possibility of taking over for Biden.

Many Americans are beginning to see the painful reality that Kamala Harris could potentially take over the presidency in the event that Joe Biden’s health continues to decline.

At 80, Biden holds the record for the oldest-serving president in U.S. history. Should he win a second term in 2024, he would be 82 at the start of it and 86 at the end.

As a result, Harris could potentially win the White House “by default” going into 2024. Harris has openly expressed her readiness to fulfill her constitutional duty and assume the presidency if President Biden were unable to govern due to health concerns.

“Every vice president understands that when they take the oath, they must be very clear about the responsibility they may have to take over the job of being president,” she said.

While addressing questions about Biden’s age and health, Harris confirmed her preparedness for the responsibility.

Regarding concerns about Biden’s age, Harris dismissed them, despite poll results showing that a significant percentage of Americans consider him too old for a second term.

“I see him every day,” she said in defense of Biden. “Joe Biden is going to be fine, so that is not going to come to fruition,” Harris said.

“A substantial amount of time we spend together is in the Oval Office, where I see how his ability to understand issues and make important decisions on behalf of the American people have played out.”

“And so I will say to you that I think the American people ultimately want to know that their president delivers. And Joe Biden delivers,” she claimed.

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