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Army Vet Faces Criminally Charged After Praying Near Abortion Clinic

via Forces News on Youtube
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A former British Army reservist, Adam Smith-Connor, faces criminal charges for silently praying near an abortion clinic in the U.K.

He warned that fundamental freedoms are in danger, citing his experience of being approached by local council officers and charged with breaching a “buffer zone” ordinance, which forbids the expression of disapproval of abortion, including through prayer.

Smith-Connor’s legal defense argues that the charges raise questions about democratic accountability. (Trending: Meet The Ultra Rich Megadonors Behind Democrats)

“You might think this is a story from Orwell’s 1984 – but in fact this is happening in England in 2023,” Adam Smith-Connor said. “‘Thoughtcrimes’ shouldn’t be prosecuted in the UK.”

“The allegations are that on 24th November 2022 Mr Smith-Connor failed without reasonable excuse to comply with a requirement of the Public Spaces Protection Order (OPHIR ROAD AND SURROUNDING AREA) 2022, in that he failed to leave the required area when asked by an Authorised Officer,” a council statement read.

“Due to the ongoing legal proceedings, the Council is unable to make a further statement in relation to this matter,” the statement added.

“Britain has a history of upholding human rights we can be proud of, and a respect for freedom that I fought to uphold when I served this country for twenty years in the army reserves, including in Afghanistan,” Smith-Connor said. “I fought to defend our freedoms – but now my own freedom of thought is in jeopardy.”

“How can we send our troops out to potentially make the ultimate sacrifice when back home, police are arresting people for peacefully practicing their faith and offering charitable support to families in crisis?” he added.

“Sadly, today, we are in danger of dismantling the values for which they died,” Smith-Connor said.

Similar incidents involving individuals facing penalties for “thoughtcrimes” have been reported in the U.K., including the arrest of a charity volunteer for praying outside an abortion clinic.

Smith-Connor is set to face trial on November 16.

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