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Biden Caught Red-Handed Attempting to ‘Stonewall’ Smoking Gun Evidence

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The House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, led by James Comer, is accusing the White House of stonewalling them, refusing to provide loan documents related to President Joe Biden’s brother, James Biden.

The committee claims to have evidence of James Biden sending nearly a quarter of a million dollars to Joe Biden as “loan repayments” funded by laundered China money.

The committee questioned the transparency of the Biden administration and is confident of their having engaged in corruption, posting that the White House “made clear to us that President Biden is refusing to hand over loan documents for any ‘loans’ he provided to his brother, James Biden.” (Trending: Is It Time For Joe Biden To Drop Out Of 2024?)

“We’ve exposed nearly a quarter of a million of dollars that James Biden sent to Joe Biden as ‘loan repayments’ that were funded by laundered China money and influence peddling schemes,” the committee wrote.

“Is this what ‘the most transparent administration in history’ is supposed to look like?”

Chairman Comer vowed to continue investigating and exposing President Biden’s alleged corruption.

“We won’t be stopped by the President’s stonewalling,” the committee pressed. “We’ll continue to follow the money, expose President Biden’s corruption, and deliver accountability.” (Trending: CNN Poll Is Bad News For Biden)

The committee’s post received support from a number of Americans expressing their desire to see further investigation.

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