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Ben Shapiro Destroys Leftist Students At Israel-Palestine Debate

via Piers Morgan Uncensored on Youtube
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Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro engaged in a debate with Oxford University students who defended Palestinians.

Shapiro highlighted that the students’ arguments implied the obliteration of Israel and the rejection of a Jewish state in the region.

He began by asking one individual which area of land she believes Israelis occupy that shouldn’t belong to them.

“All of Israel,” she answered.

“There we go. So, what you’re calling for is the obliteration of the state of Israel, and all of this is just a cover for that. I appreciate your time,” Shapiro shot back.

“The entirety of Palestine, but I’m not calling for the destruction of Jews,” a second student answered.

“Thank you, once again,” he added.

“You do not accept that there should be a Jewish state anywhere in this region. So as long as that’s the case, there’s literally nothing to argue about. You cannot simultaneously maintain the position there should not be a Jewish state anywhere in the region and then tell me that I’m wrong when I say the Arabs will not accept a Jewish state,” he said.

“Your logic is that if you’re a terrorist group located in a densely populated area, you hide behind civilians, you are now immune.”

He emphasized that supporting Hamas equates to supporting violence against innocent civilians.

“It is not a just war when you fight a war against people who murdered 1,500 of your civilians?” he pressed.

Shapiro argued that Israel’s actions are justified in response to attacks on its citizens.

The Harvard graduate then criticized a motion by the Oxford University and College Union, stating that it promotes anti-Semitism.

“This motion is Jew-hatred, pure and simple. Any moral equivalence drawn between Israel and Hamas is simple Jew-hatred,” he wrote.

“When you support Hamas and its agenda, you are supporting the barbaric murder of babies in their cribs; you are supporting women being kidnapped, raped, and murdered,” he wrote.

Shapiro concluded by asserting that the West must recognize the reality of evil and defend itself to prevent its own demise.

“Today, the existence of the State of Israel means that Jews need not wait for anyone else to come to the realization that monsters exist and evil is real. But the West must too come to that realization. Not for the Jews. Not for Israel. But because if the West does not defend itself, it will cease to exist. And the monsters will win,” he stated.

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