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Hillary Clinton Delivers Chilling Warning Over Trump

via CNN

Hillary Clinton warned that a second presidency for Donald Trump could be disastrous for the nation, stating that it would be the end of the country as we know it.

The former Secretary of State expressed concern about Trump’s dictatorial tendencies and his intentions to jail dissenters, shut down legitimate press outlets, and undermine the rule of law and the country’s values.

“I think it would be the end of our country as we know it,” she said. “And I don’t say that lightly.” (Trending: Donald Trump Loses His Cool At High-Stakes $250 Million Trial)

“I tried really hard and then literally from his inauguration on it was nothing but accusing people of things, making up facts, denying the size of the crowd at his inauguration,” she added. “Everything I worried about, I saw unfolding.”

Clinton also highlighted the importance of not underestimating Trump’s intentions, as he openly telegraphs his plans.

“The wreckage is almost unimaginable,” she said regarding the potential for his re-election.

“Hitler was duly elected, right?” she stated.

“Trump is telling us what he intends to do,” she added. “Take him at his word. The man means to throw people in jail who disagree with him, shut down legitimate press outlets, do what he can to literally undermine the rule of law and our country’s values.”

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