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Israel Gives Insight Into Plans For Gaza

via Bloomberg Television
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Israel has stated that it does not intend to reoccupy or control Gaza for an extended period following its conflict with Hamas.

An anonymous senior Israeli official emphasized that the military operations are aimed at eliminating Hamas’ threat, acknowledging that this will require time and continued action against their military infrastructure.

“We assess that our current operations are effective and successful, and we’ll continue to push,” an Israeli official stated.

“It’s not unlimited or forever.” (Trending: Donald Trump Loses His Cool At High-Stakes $250 Million Trial)

“It’s not Israel’s intention to reoccupy Gaza or control it for a long time,” he added.

“The idea behind Israel going in militarily is to destroy Hamas’ ability to threaten us.”

“We understand that will take time and that, even if we complete this phase of our military operation, we’ll still have to take some action against their remaining military infrastructure.”

This statement comes in response to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s earlier suggestion of indefinite control over Gaza’s security, a remark that raised concerns.

President Biden had cautioned against a complete reoccupation of Gaza, labeling it a “mistake.”

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