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Hamas Leaders Admit No Interest In Governing Gaza

via AFP News Agency
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Hamas leaders have expressed a desire for a permanent war with Israel to keep the Palestinian cause in focus, showing little interest in governing Gaza or improving the lives of its residents.

The recent attack on Israeli civilians was reportedly aimed at bringing attention to the Palestinian issue.

“We succeeded in putting the Palestinian issue back on the table, and now no one in the region is experiencing calm,” Khalil al-Hayya said. (Trending: Donald Trump Loses His Cool At High-Stakes $250 Million Trial)

“I hope that the state of war with Israel will become permanent on all the borders and that the Arab world will stand with us,” said Hamas adviser Taher El-Nounou.

“Hamas, the Qassam and the resistance woke the world up from its deep sleep and showed that this issue must remain on the table,” he added. “This battle was not because we wanted fuel or laborers. It did not seek to improve the situation in Gaza. This battle is to completely overthrow the situation.”

Meanwhile, the Israel Defense Forces have responded with heavy airstrikes, and Israeli officials have refused to discuss a ceasefire until hostages are returned.

Additionally, Hamas leaders are reportedly amassing significant wealth, with some estimated to be worth billions, while the majority of Gaza residents live in dire poverty.

“It’s just really the numbers that are shocking, looking at the sheer amount of money that some of these terror chiefs have been able to sock away,” Jonathan Schanzer, senior vice president for research at The Foundation For Defense of Democracies stated.

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