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Democrat’s Stark Warning to Jen Psaki

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Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) has expressed concerns about the Democratic Party’s chances in the 2024 presidential election for the first time, citing a divided country and the moral crisis of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Her comments reflect a series of Democratic politicians expressing their worries about Biden’s 2024 prospects, as polls consistently show Trump leading in key states and Biden’s declining job approval ratings.

“I think it is important to recognize that we have a very divided country, as you well know,” Jayapal said. (Trending: Donald Trump Loses His Cool At High-Stakes $250 Million Trial)

“You have said that polls really don’t reflect where people are. I agree with you.”

“But I will tell you, this is the first time, Jen, that I have felt like the 2024 election is in great trouble for the president and for our Democratic control, which is essential to moving forward, because these young people, Muslim Americans, Arab Americans, but also young people see this conflict as a moral conflict and a moral crisis.”

“And they are not going to be brought back to the table easily if we do not address this,” she added.

Additionally, there are reports of prominent Democratic figures positioning themselves for a potential presidential run in 2024 or 2028, in case Biden does not seek re-election. (Trending: Federal Court Rules Against Gun Owners)

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