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Rashida Tlaib Accuses Biden of Supporting ‘Genocide’ of Palestinians

via Forbes Breaking News
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Rep. Rashida Tlaib, a member of Congress’s far-left “Squad,” posted a video accusing President Joe Biden of supporting a “genocide” of Palestinians.

The video showed pro-Palestine protests, clips of Biden, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and footage of injured and killed Palestinian children.

Tlaib demanded a cease-fire and threatened consequences if Biden didn’t comply.

“Mr. President, the American people are not with you on this one,” Tlaib said.

“We will remember in 2024,” Tlaib threatened, writing, “Joe Biden supported the genocide of Palestinian people. The American people won’t forget. Biden, support a ceasefire now, or don’t count on us in 2024.”

The lawmaker has faced backlash for using the phrase “from the river to the sea,” associated with Hamas and a known call for the genocide of Israelis.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has led to a brutal counter-attack by Israel, resulting in numerous deaths.

Tlaib’s post received accusations of antisemitism and support for terrorism.

“Wow. Homegrown Hamas propaganda, from someone sitting in our own government. Resign. #IStandWithIsrael,” an X user posted.

In response to criticism, she claimed the phrase was about freedom and peaceful coexistence.

“From the river to the sea is an aspirational call for freedom, human rights, and peaceful coexistence, not death, destruction, or hate. My work and advocacy is always centered in justice and dignity for all people no matter faith or ethnicity.”

“To my president, to our president…I want him to know…as also somebody of Muslim faith, I’m not going to forget this. And I think a lot of people aren’t going to forget this,” Tlaib stated outside of the Capitol.

This controversy follows her involvement in a pro-Palestine rally that turned into an “insurrection” at the United States Capitol.

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