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Ron DeSantis Tells MSNBC He Would Send More Cash to Ukraine

via NBC News
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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican presidential candidate, stated in an interview that he supports sending military aid to Ukraine, although he did not specify the amount or duration.

DeSantis criticized Biden’s approach, emphasizing the need for a coherent strategy and prioritizing resources.

“So I would not do what Biden’s doing which is funding pensions for bureaucrats over their pet funding salaries, their funding small business stuff. We were supportive of the defensive weaponry to be able to prevent Putin from taking over the country,” DeSantis began.

“So as president, I’m going to leverage resources. I’m going to get the Europeans to do more. I’m going to do more on the energy side. I’m going to do more on China, which by the way, is the biggest benefactor for Ukraine.”

“But I would not just send checks because I think what they’re going to do is they want $60 billion now, but I think they’re going to come back at the beginning of the year next year and ask for at least another $100 billion.”

“So we’ve already put a lot of money into this. And he hasn’t really been able to articulate a coherent strategy about how does this come to an end?”

“I think our interest is bringing it to an end in a way that keeps Russia in a box. But it’s not going to have a spend hundreds of billions of dollars for an outcome that’s not much different.”

He also highlighted the importance of European countries stepping up and expressed concerns about the cost and effectiveness of continued aid.

“We need to set priorities. We don’t have the ability to just flood every part of the world. So I would prioritize the Indo-Pacific. I would provide support for Israel and then I would leverage the Europeans to help with Ukraine and bring that to an end,” he pressed.

This support comes at a time when American public opinion on aid to Ukraine is declining, and Ukraine’s counteroffensive against Russia has reached a stalemate.

“There will most likely be no deep and beautiful breakthrough,” Valery Zaluzhny, Ukraine’s commander-in-chief of armed forces said, emphasizing that the two nations have “reached the level of technology that puts us into a stalemate.”

Additionally, there is a significant debate in Congress over continuing aid to Ukraine, with House Republicans rejecting the Biden administration’s funding proposal.

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