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Pete Buttigieg Responds To Mike Johnson’s Homophobic ‘Chaos’

via The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg responded to House Speaker Mike Johnson’s allegedly homophobic views by inviting him to spend time with his same-sex family.

Buttigieg stated that he would work with anyone who can help improve transportation in America.

He shared his experience of coming home to his husband and their twins, emphasizing that while their household may be chaotic, there is nothing dark about it.

When Stephen Colbert questioned Buttigieg: “So, how do you work with a guy who argued that same-sex relations are “the dark harbinger of chaos and sexual anarchy that could doom even the strongest republic.”

Buttigieg responded, saying, “Look, I’ll work with anybody who can help us get good transportation available to the American people.”

“I don’t know, maybe we’ll just have him over,” he added.

Buttigieg concluded by highlighting the love in his family.

“If he could see what it’s like when I come home from work, and Chas is bringing the kids home from daycare or vice versa, and one of us is getting the Mac and Cheese ready and the other’s microwaving those freezer meatballs, which are a great cheat code if you’ve got a toddler and you need to feed them quickly, and one won’t take their shoes off and one needs a diaper change,” Buttigieg went on.

“Everything about that is chaos, but nothing about this is dark,” he concluded. “The love of God is in that household.”

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