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Gavin Newsom Should Replace Biden in 2024

via CBS

Arizona Republican Kari Lake believes that the Democratic Party has plans to replace President Joe Biden with California Governor Gavin Newsom for the 2024 election.

Lake argues that the Democrats are making moves to push Biden aside and lay the groundwork for Newsom’s candidacy.

She points to Newsom’s national campaigning, attacks on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, endorsement of Biden, vetoing left-wing bills, and recent visit to China as evidence of his larger ambitions. (Poll: Should Gavin Newsom Replace Biden in 2024? VOTE)

“I mean, you’re seeing Gavin Newsom, who has been a complete disaster to the state of California. He’s the reason we have a saying, ‘Don’t California our Arizona.’ And you can apply that to all 49 states outside of California … but yet, the Democrats are trying to lay the groundwork for him to run.” exclaimed Lake.

Lake suggests that the Democrats recognize Biden’s potential failure and believe that voters will not support him or Vice President Kamala Harris.

While some speculate that Michelle Obama could be a potential replacement, it is clear that the Democrats face challenges with Biden at the helm and may consider removing both him and Harris.

“It’s pretty obvious if you’re watching,” Lake remarked.

Adding, “He’s over there in China meeting with the guy who will really be in control of the Democrat Party. And we’re just watching as they’re starting to get their chess pieces on the board.”

Lake went on to explain that she thinks “they know that Joe Biden is going to be such a disaster, that the Democrat Party will collapse if he is on the ticket.”

“I don’t know who it’s going to be ultimately, but my bet is that Gavin Newsom is starting to move in,” Lake predicted.

“They realize that not just Joe Biden but [Vice President] Kamala Harris are disastrous, and the voters just will not vote for those two,” concluded Lake.

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