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DeSantis Loses Major Steam

via CNBC Television

Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto questioned Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) whether he would be pulling from the 2024 presidential race as his opponent Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC) dominates recent polls.

“Nikki Haley has emerged as a strong polling favorite. She’s tied with you in Iowa, and that has come really following her very tough talk of not only supporting Israel and Ukraine but backing them both up with the money they need and not debating the issue,” Cavuto said.

“Now, do you fear you’re kind of threading the needle on this is hurting you, that she’s clear, you’re not, she’s gaining, you’re not? She’s seen as an acceptable number two to Donald Trump. You’re not,” Cavuto pressed. (Trending: Judge Declines To Recuse From Trump 2024 Ballot Case)

“Well, actually, I’ve been much clearer on Israel,” DeSantis answered. “I mean, I said from the beginning, no Gaza refugees,” DeSantis added.

“You know, she said that America has been able to separate terrorists from freedom fighters. And that’s what we have to do now. She backtracked on that. But I’ve been very clear, no refugees.”

Cavuto responded, “You have been seen as an alternative to Donald Trump I don’t know in that holds on now with Nikki Haley and her surge.”

“These are all polls to your point. I want to get a sense for you what you make of former Vice President Mike Pence stepping out of the race,” he said. (Trending: It’s Time For Donald Trump To Drop Out)

“You talked in the past it would be a good idea to narrow this down to two or three people. If you don’t emerge as one of those two to three, would you step out of this race?” Cavuto asked.

DeSantis shot back, “I am definitely going to be in the top so we’re ready for that. We’re going to the distance. People can make whatever decisions that they want. I respect the vice president’s decision. I think he’s a good man.”

“I think he’s served the conservative cause very well over a number of years. You know, I’m in it all the way so you’re going to be seeing a lot of me.”

“Even if you sink in the polls or others, particularly Nikki Haley, emerge stronger?” Cavuto questioned.

DeSantis answered, “It’s not about the polls.”

Cavuto pressed, “You have to win Iowa, in other words?”

DeSantis responded, “We’re going to win Iowa.”

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