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Hamas Hoarding Fuel To Fuel Rockets While Hospitals Run Low

via CNN
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Hamas is reportedly hoarding fuel in Gaza to supply rockets and support electricity for their underground tunnels, despite hospitals and relief organizations warning them of low fuel supplies.

The terrorist organization has shown a massive lack of concern for civilians by stationing command centers in civilian areas, and even using women and children as human barriers.

“Hamas is stockpiling 200,000 gallons of fuel to supply rockets and support electricity for its elaborate network of underground tunnels. This as hospitals and relief organizations in Gaza warn they’re perilously low on fuel,” NBC’s Chief White House Correspondent Peter Alexander stated.

In the past, Hamas has been accused of beating and detaining protesters, storing weapons in civilian areas, and firing rockets at Israel from U.N. schools.

Palestinian Hamas terrorists killed over 1,400 innocent civilians, including 33 Americans. Potentially hundreds of people were taken hostages.

IDF Lieutenant Colonel Richard Hecht said the Hamas music festival massacre “is the largest number of Jews killed in one day since the Holocaust.”

Israel has targeted known Hamas locations with its airstrikes and missiles.

In Gaza, the death toll climbed to 8,000 Palestinians as Israel launches a counterattack to destroy Hamas.

Hamas notoriously use their own people as human shields, including women and children. The terror group also kills Palestinians who attempt to flee.

This makes it incredibly difficult for Israel to defend itself while avoiding innocent casualties.

Israel has repeatedly warned innocent civilians, as well as women and children, to evacuate the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli military is preparing tens of thousands of soldiers to capture Gaza City and destroy Hamas’ current leadership.

Three senior Israeli military officers outlined the unclassified details about the counterattack. IDF says its main goal is to destroy the top political and military hierarchy of Hamas.

The assault is expected to be Israel’s “biggest ground operation since it invaded Lebanon in 2006.”

This also the first time that Israel has attempted to capture land and at least briefly hold onto it since its invasion of Gaza in 2008.

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