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Viral Columbia Professor Says He’s ‘Ashamed’ Of Elite School

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Shai Davidai, an assistant professor at Columbia Business School, has criticized the university’s leadership for remaining silent on “pro-terror” groups and called for the condemnation of Hamas’ terrorist attacks on Israel.

He expressed concern over biased media coverage of the Israel-Hamas war and rejected claims that students with radical views on Israel’s existence are victims of cancel culture.

“I woke up on October 7th to see 1,400 of my countrymen massacred and more than 200 kidnapped, including babies, and stories and videos of teenage girls [being raped],” he stated.

“And I was just in complete grief. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that a day after, a university would not take a stand against that and then, three days after or four days after, student organizations would be celebrating this kind of terrorism on campus.”

Davidai emphasized the need for accountability and criticized a recent Columbia faculty letter that blamed Israel and the U.S. for an attack without ever mentioning Hamas.

“The fact that the leadership of Columbia University has been so quiet about this,” Davidai added, was “beyond” him. “I was ashamed of the leadership because I love Columbia. My family’s history is deeply intertwined with Columbia.”

“I see myself as fighting for the reputation of Columbia University and not letting the leadership tarnish that beautiful reputation. And then all of a sudden, I realize this is much bigger than Columbia. This is happening in universities all over the country.”

“The media has moved very quickly on from the massacre,” he continued. “And it’s a massacre. It’s not an attack. It is, for the Israeli people, for the Jewish people, it’s a second Holocaust. And to see your Holocaust being covered for 48 hours and then being moved on [from] is painful.”

“The media [are] journalists,” Davidai went on. “Where do these journalists come from? Where were they educated? They were educated at the exact schools that are now not taking a moral stance.”

“I think there’s a huge moral hypocrisy by the media when they’re quick to denounce something. And yet when they find out that they were wrong, they kind of hide it.”

“They’re saying when it comes to Jewish lives, it’s OK to rape as part of the resistance,” he said. “When it comes to Jewish lives, Jewish babies, it’s OK to murder them and behead them because that’s a military operation. And to me, that is the most dumbfounding thing of all.”

Davidai is ultimately hoping to hold universities accountable to their mission statements.

“You can be pro-Palestine and anti-Hamas.”

“Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from accountability.”

Speaking to the students who have been publicly shamed for their antisemitic comments, he said, “You signed on to public statements. This is not doxxing.”

“No one is looking for what you said in the dark web. No one is stalking you. You put your name out there. So why are you all of a sudden so afraid to have your name even more publicized?”

“These so-called enlightened professors are unable to even say that this is Hamas,” he added. “Who are you siding with exactly here? Cold-blooded murderers and rapists? I don’t understand it. It’s completely beyond me. I don’t know how we move forward from that.”

“My message is not one of hate,” Davidai stated. “It really is one of love. I really do think that Columbia University and many of these universities are great institutions that have the potential to do a lot of good in the world. And all I’m trying to do is hold them accountable to their own mission statement and actually do what they say that they want to do. I’m trying to make the world a better place, not a darker place.”

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