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Biden Admin Pressured To Ditch ‘Offensive’ Terms For Illegals, Jihadists

via ABC News

A federal contractor that has received hundreds of millions of dollars from the government is urging the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to adopt “inclusive language,” replacing terms such as “illegal immigrant” with “undocumented noncitizen,” “riot” with “protest,” and suggesting that terms such as “looter” and “jihadist” have become “racially charged.”

The report from the RAND Corporation, which operates the Homeland Security Operational Analysis Center, charges the DHS with using language that is “insulting, demeaning, dehumanizing, offensive, embarrassing, or othering.”

The 84-page report requests that DHS replace the term “illegal immigrant” with “undocumented noncitizen” and “assimilation” with “civic integration.”

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green said, “Most Americans are fed up with the chaos and devastation caused by the unprecedented crisis at the Southwest border, and rising crime in their communities,”

Adding, “Despite this, DHS’ number one priority seems to be rewriting the dictionary.”

Todd Bensman, a Senior National Security Fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies, claimed the names “sound far more demeaning than the ones they replace.”

“It’s better to just simply distinguish them as people who are present illegally in violation of law than as people who warrant a lot of acrobatic descriptions,” said Bensman.

Green also shared that, “One of the best ways to hold bureaucrats accountable is to bring their deeds to the light, and inform the American people of what those officials are doing behind the scenes,”

“Based on this latest report, perhaps it’s time for Congress to take a closer look at the Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties,” concluded Green.

The report even suggests modifying the use of “male” and “female” by adding “nonbinary, cisgender,” and “transgender.”

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