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Donald Trump Offers Non-Woke Educational Policy

via The Daily Signal on Youtube

Former President Donald Trump has proposed the creation of the American Academy, a non-woke educational institution that would offer free credits to Americans.

Trump criticized the left-wing influence in higher education and expressed concern over support for Hamas and antisemitic protests on campuses.

The American Academy would be funded by the taxing and fining of large private university endowments.

It aims to provide a world-class education, covering various subjects, and offer degree credentials recognized by the US government.

The institution would also grant credit for past coursework and provide an alternative to the costly four-year university system.

“In recent weeks, Americans have been horrified to see students and faculty at Harvard and other once-respected universities expressing support for the savages and jihadists who attacked Israel,” Trump pressed, pointing out that America spends “more money on higher education than any other country and yet, they’re turning our students into communists and terrorists and sympathizers of many, many different dimensions.”

“We can’t let this happen. It’s time to offer something dramatically different,” Trump said, revealing that the endeavor would not add a “single dime to the federal debt.”

“In 2022, 58 institutions paid a total of $244 million in tax under that law, according to the most recent IRS data,” Politico reported.

Trump said the American Academy would freely provide “the highest quality educational content covering the full spectrum of human knowledge and skills and make that material available to every American citizen online for free,” including “study groups, mentors, industry partnerships, and the latest breakthrough in computing.”

The former President pressed that it would provide a “top-tier education option,” all while remaining “strictly non-political, and there will be no wokeness or jihadism allowed.”

Trump plans for the school to compete “directly with the existing and very costly four-year university system by granting students degree credentials that the U.S. government and all federal contractors will henceforth recognize,” emphasizing that it will “award the full and complete equivalent of a bachelor’s degree.”

Trump said the school would offer many the “chance to complete your education at the American Academy for free and much more quickly than is now possible or available.”

Trump’s proposal comes in the wake of increasingly left-wing indoctrination and support for Hamas on college campuses across the nation.

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