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Adam Kinzinger Says Removing Trump From Ballot Is A Bad Idea

via CNN
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Adam Kinzinger, a ‘Never-Trumper,’ expressed his concerns about the effort to remove Donald Trump from the ballot, stating that it is divisive for the country.

The trial is based on a lawsuit arguing that Trump’s actions during the insurrection disqualify him from holding office.

Kinzinger supports the legal argument but believes defeating Trump at the ballot is the best way for the country to heal.

“Because you can imagine if Donald Trump is removed from the ballot, you’re making a decision not by, you know, the election of people or the lack of election, you’re making the ballot basically by a court. And you’re making a decision by a court. I think that will be very divisive in the long-term,” Kinzinger said.

“I can’t imagine a point at which anybody in the country or most people in the country would be like, ‘Oh ok well I understand a judge found him ineligible, therefore we’re okay with this.’ I just think It will be very divisive. Regardless of what is ruled, Donald Trump has to be defeated a the ballot because that’s the best way for this country to heal.”

“Let’s be very clear. If he is not prosecuted and if he is not found guilty, what we have said is, it’s okay to attempt a coup, as long as you failed. But if you succeed, well, you’re in charge so you can drop the charges anyway,” Kinzinger said.

He also emphasizes the danger of allowing an attempted coup to go unpunished.

“This argument in court, again, I’m actually supportive of the argument. I think it’s correct. But it’s taking kind of a nuanced approach and saying he disqualified himself because of his word here and everything else. I just think the best answer is to defeat him at the ballot.”

“But we do have to get – I agree with you, we have to get past this point of saying, ‘Oh, we can’t do this. We can’t do that.’ Because Donald Trump tried to commit a coup in this country.”

The judge overseeing the case, Sarah B. Wallace, has been criticized for her potential bias.

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