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US Announces Deadliest Nuke 24 Times More Powerful Than Atomic Bomb

via The Independent on Youtube
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The Department of Defense is seeking approval and funding for a new nuclear bomb, the B61-13, which will be 24 times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima during World War II.

The bomb is intended to address changing security threats and provide the US with credible deterrence capabilities.

It will have modern safety and accuracy features and be deliverable by modern aircraft. (Trending: Joe Biden Historic Take Down of Guns)

“Today’s announcement is reflective of a changing security environment and growing threats from potential adversaries,” Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy John Plumb said in the release.

“The United States has a responsibility to continue to assess and field the capabilities we need to credibly deter and, if necessary, respond to strategic attacks, and assure our allies.”

“The load is 24 times larger than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, during World War II, which was about a 15 kiloton bomb,” the report found.

“The B61-13 would also be about 14 times larger than the bomb dropped on Nagasaki, which was 25 kilotons.” (Trending: Donald Trump Is A ‘Cockroach’ That Just Won’t Go Away)

Corey Hinderstein, the deputy administrator for defense nuclear nonproliferation at the National Nuclear Security Administration, said, “They will help reduce global nuclear threats by improving the detection of underground nuclear explosive tests.”

The announcement comes amidst rising tensions globally and follows a recent high-explosive experiment conducted by the US.

If approved, the new bomb will replace existing ones in the US nuclear stockpile, without increasing the overall number of weapons.

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