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Extremist Mike Johnson Unveils Plan For Biden

via Fox News
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House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., expressed support for the impeachment inquiry into President Biden, emphasizing the need to follow the law and the Constitution.

He mentioned the possibility of subpoenaing Hunter Biden but stated that a decision has not been made yet.

Johnson highlighted the ongoing work of House Republicans in gathering evidence and connecting the dots. (Trending: Joe Biden Historic Take Down of Guns)

“We’re the rule of law team. We don’t use this for political partisan games like the Democrats have done and did against Donald Trump twice. We are going to follow the law and follow the Constitution, and I think we have a suspicion of where that may lead, but we’re going to let the evidence speak for itself,” he told FOX News’ Maria Bartiromo.

“I look forward to rolling that out over the coming days and weeks and letting the American people see exactly why we’re taking the next steps and where it’s headed.”

“We’re trying to move forward on some of this very aggressively. I think the American people are owed these answers,” Johnson said. (Trending: Donald Trump Is A ‘Cockroach’ That Just Won’t Go Away)

“And I think our suspicions about all this, the evidence that we’ve gathered so far is affirming what many of us feared maybe the worst… As Jamie Comer likes to say, ‘Bank records don’t lie.’ We already have a lot of this evidence. The dots are being connected, and we’ll see where it leads,” he added.

“I’ve talked to my colleagues about this in the speaker’s race. I mentioned that I would favor, as for purposes of discussion to build consensus around, if there indeed has to be a stopgap funding measure, that we would do that until January 15. And the reason for that is it gets us beyond to the end of the year push,” he said.

“And oftentimes, the Senate tries to jam the House and force an omnibus spending bill,” he continued. “We’re not doing that here anymore, we’re having single subject bills in our separate appropriations bills and so pushing that into January I think would assist us in that endeavor.”

Johnson also discussed other topics such as support for Israel, antisemitism on college campuses, and government spending, suggesting a short-term funding measure until January 15 to avoid an omnibus spending bill.

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