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Kevin O’Leary Shares Critical Financial Advice

via Inc

Kevin O’Leary, also known as “Mr. Wonderful,” provides blunt-force advice on business and personal finance on the digital game show “Rent Free.”

He emphasizes the importance of cutting through the BS and offers tips for entrepreneurs seeking to attract investors and for everyday Americans dealing with high inflation.

O’Leary believes execution skills are crucial and warns against not knowing one’s numbers.

Ankur Jain, CEO and founder of Bilt Rewards, said, “Kevin has been doing this for years, and he’s all about cutting through the BS.”

“His advice is so important right now when life is so expensive and people are trying to figure out how to get more value for their money and how to make more money.”

“Be able to articulate your opportunity in 90 seconds or less,” O’Leary said.

“The truth is that great ideas are a dime a dozen,” the investor said.

“Execution skills are very rare. You have to combine both of those to work together”

He advises struggling Americans to pay off credit card debt and avoid unnecessary purchases.

“If you don’t know your numbers and you get the first two [tips] right, you deserve to burn in hell in perpetuity and I will personally put you there,” the investor said.

“Pay off their credit cards immediately, that’s what they should do,” said O’Leary.

“People don’t need a lot of the crap they buy. Why do you have 40 pairs of shoes? You only wear two. Why are there 16 jeans here when you only wear four?” O’Leary said.

“Thirty t-shirts? Fifteen baseball caps!? This is garbage you don’t need.”

O’Leary also suggests using rewards as incentives for making sound financial decisions and expresses his passion for luxury watches as a form of investment and personal achievement.

“If you start thinking about rewarding yourself for great moments in your life, it’s because you’ve achieved something,” he said.

“Thirty t-shirts? Fifteen baseball caps!? This is garbage you don’t need.”

“Watches are never to be borrowed. You have to own them. You have to achieve some success. Then buy your piece.”

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