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Iran Trained 500 Palestinian Terrorists Shortly Before Attack

via NewsNation on Youtube
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Iran reportedly trained around 500 members of Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad prior to Hamas’ attack on Israel on October 7th.

The training, led by Iran’s Quds Force, involved senior Palestinian officials and the head of the Quds force.

The attack resulted in the deaths of 1,400 people, mostly Israeli, and the capture of hundreds.

Iran’s support for Hamas was already established, including financial assistance, training, weapons, and intelligence.

“Before the war, Iran directly assisted Hamas with money, training and weapons and technological know-how,” Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, the Israel Defense Force spokesman, said, according to the WSJ.

“Even now, Iran is helping Hamas with intelligence,” he added.

The Quds Force is considered a terrorist organization by the United States.

There are conflicting reports about Iran’s direct involvement in Hamas’ decision to attack, with Hamas denying any foreknowledge by Iran or other countries.

In the past week, U.S. troops in the Middle East have been targeted in 14 attacks involving drones and rockets, resulting in 24 injuries.

The attacks occurred in Iraq and Syria, with Iran being implicated, although there is no concrete evidence linking the attacks to Iran’s leaders.

Pentagon officials said all the attacks on U.S. troops have Iran’s fingerprints on them. (Trending: Obama Says the Unthinkable to Israel)

The attacks targeted various military bases, with some incidents resulting in injuries and damage.

Iran proxy forces fired a rocket at al-Asad air base in Iraq. The rocket was intercepted and no injuries, casualties or damages to the base were reported.

U.S. forces engaged two drones, in which one was destroyed, and the second was damaged.

There were four people injured in the attack, as well as some damage to the base.

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