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Israeli General Reveals They Have One Goal

via IDF
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The Israel Defense Forces’ (IDF) Brig. Gen. Daniel Hagari expressed the country’s intention to put an end to Hamas completely, noting a message found on a Hamas militant.

The note read: “You must sharpen the blades of your swords and be pure in your intentions before Allah.”

“Know that the enemy is a disease that has no cure, except beheading and removing the hearts and livers. Attack them!” the note read.

The note was discovered on the body of a militant involved in the October 7th attacks against Israeli citizens.

“The 7th of October massacre is something that I haven’t seen through my life. This is a war we have to fight.”

“There is only one goal: defeat Hamas. Kill the leaders of terror, and bring out people back home,” Hagari pressed.

“We have only one country. It’s Israel,” Hagari replied. “It’s our democracy. It’s our country.”

“We’re not going anywhere. We’re going to fight for our country, and we’re going to use all the means we can.”

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