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Biden Unveils Executive Order on AI

via The Telegraph

President Joe Biden reportedly will be announcing an executive order meant to regulate artificial intelligence (AI), a decision many experts have been pushing for since the technology’s inception.

“I applaud the administration for taking the first step,” the Center for Advanced Preparedness and Threat Response Simulation (CAPTRS)’s Phil Siegel stated.

“We should applaud the first step through the EO but quickly need a framework for the detailed steps beyond that truly safeguard our freedoms.”

“We need to put the onus on the algorithm providers to make sure customers are not using it for nefarious purposes much like we ask banks to certify their customers are not money laundering,” Siegel argued. “We need to make sure AI use is disclosed (for example in advertising) to not mislead.”

Over a dozen major AI companies have agreed to the regulation of the technology, even signing a joint agreement to remain transparent about data pertaining to the technology’s development.

“Regulation can ensure that the black box algorithms that guide the AI and cannot be made public are not discriminatory or have security vulnerabilities,” Pioneer Development Group Chief Analytics Officer Christopher Alexander stated. “Realistically, punitive measures will be required to ensure the government has some teeth to police the industry.”

“In addition to ensuring AI is safe and effective with screening requirements, properly developed and reasonably enforced regulation will help reassure those Americans who are concerned that AI is not a tool to help humanity, but is instead a weapon that threatens us,” he continued.

President of the Bull Moose Project Aiden Buzzetti, however, is unsure whether the order will prove effective, saying, “Many democrats and progressive groups have fallen into the trap that AI regulations need to be mostly focused on misinformation and policing police — we’re holding out hope that President Biden’s executive order strays away from this and falls more towards the practical efforts with artificial intelligence.”

“We believe that responsible safeguards to AI can promote both innovation and a reasonable amount of data privacy and security for Americans, and there is absolutely no need to privilege one over the other.”

“We need regulations that provide basic security for consumers without privileging the same companies that fight tooth and nail to avoid regulations except for this one particular instance where they hold the advantage in time and resources,” Buzzetti added.

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