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Deadly Asian Hornet Found In United States For 1st Time Ever

Photo Illustration Asian Hornet via Pixabay License
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The Asian hornet, also known as the yellow-legged hornet, has been discovered in the United States for the first time.

The deadly hornet is cousins with the infamous murder hornet that appeared in North America in 2019.

The hornet is native to Southeastern Asia, but has traveled to Europe, the Middle East, and now North America. (Poll: Is America Better Off Under Biden? VOTE)

The Georgia Department of Agriculture said the Asian hornet has arrived in southern Georgia. It was located around Savannah.

There have been six recorded deaths from stings in Spain and France by the hornet.

All six died from anaphylactic shock, according to reports. (Trending: Tucker Carlson’s Newest Episode Is Causing Quite a Stir)

A single hive can have up to 6,000 yellow-legged hornets occupying it.

This massive presence allows them to expand and wreak destruction on the surrounding environment.

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